Sunday, August 24, 2008


Rebecca and I visited the LA worker a few days ago. We had such an incredible time. Each community does things differently, and I know that, but being there was so glamorous - in a simple kind of way. Life for us at the house in Norfolk has been the hardest yet. It has only been a year, but we daily wonder how long we can live in the current set up of hospitality without going insane or being in a deep depression. There is so much about the Worker model that we value and enjoy. Hospitality has been something that we are trying to redefine for ourselves of how to move beyond the master/slave relationship of domination to live together as a family. The ideal doesn't work out when you are forcing people be a family. But then is this welcoming the stranger? Are we cut out to welcome the stranger in this way? Being at the LA Worker and seeing all the young, energetic faces was a beautiful sight, but also a reminder of how much we desire community with friends our age. We are a bit lonely, but this is nothing new.